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Starboard was founded in 1994 by Svein Rasmussen, a well known racer that entered his first Windsurfer race in 1978. One of their early concepts were also to make wider, shorter, more user friendly boards, which instantly recognized Starboard as the innovative trendsetter among the board manufacturers.

The company philosophy is simple; To make windsurfing easier, and help more people enjoy the sport, yet still being involved at every level. Starboard is concentrating heavily on the Formula Concept, as windsurfing today is rapidly turning towards fast 'easy to sail' boards.

"Starboard, the company that has brought a refreshing outlook back into the windsurfing industry with their innovative, people friendly designs and concepts." Windsurf Magazine, UK.

Visit the Starboard website for more details or click on a board below to go directly to the Starboard sail info page.

PROkids Series
These scaled down boards provide light sailors 20- 55kg with the tools to improve their learning curve drastically. Once moved on to these adapted high-performance boards, there is a sudden step up to a new level of windsurfing.
The Start is a dedicated entry-level board
The original wide, stable and comfortable freeride boards
The award-winning and legendary Carves are pure freeride boards
Pure Acid
The Aeros are cross-over, bump-and-jump boards for light to medium winds
Cross-over convertible boards, designed as a one-board solution for wave-riding, dynamic freeriding, and freestyling
A pure, classic wave board designed for fast and powerful waves.
The Evos are next-generation, "Evo-lutionary" wave boards
Pure slalom boards that redefine maximum efficiency
Pure slalom boards designed for unlimited top end speed and absolute control in consistent and strong winds.
The S-Types are high speed, slalom based, freeride racers
Pure course racing machines with a class-leading heritage
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