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Tushingham have been building surf sails since the sport took off, way back in 1980, and they've seen it all. Broken windows, broken battens, torn seams, abrasion, UV damage - it's unbelievable what can go wrong with even the most carefully crafted design. It's experience that counts, and the will to build something that you can be proud of. It's no coincidence that many of the major holiday operators now specify Tushingham. Their sails are used day in, day out in the hardest beach environment. They know the score, they know a Tushingham sail will stand the pace.

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High performance
for kids
Twin Cam Performance Speed/Slalom
Multi Cam Speed/
Slalom Sail
Freeride for windsurfers under 5'6"
Freestyle weapon
High Wind Freeride
Thunderbird T3
The Rock
T-68 T-78
No Cam - Freeride
Hardcore Wave
Youth racing sails
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