Firewing MKIII

Slalom / Racing 3 Camsfirewing-mkiii-cyan-yellow-bl-212x349

3 cam freerace sail, mixing all the performance of thorough bred race sail into an easy to use and forgiving package. Whether its around a slalom course, a GPS speed run, or just trying to get past your mates, this sail makes it as easy as possible to get the advantage. Non-stop development has helped push this sail to new levels. Through constant testing of both the sails and the masts, we have been able to push the performance of the sail to new levels. Better stability, better acceleration and an even higher top end. However this has all been achieved without taking away anything from the easy to use feel of the sail. Whether its rigging the sail, gybing the sail, or working to get the last knot of speed from your gear, the Firewing takes your sailing to warp speed.