Rock Wave 3.7 – 6.0m

Smooth power delivery with super light weight feelrockwhitemedium

This years modifications aimed at getting the power on more quickly without sacrificing any control. To do this we had to view the rig differently. Instead of the drive dissipating out from the hands of the rider we wanted it to be drawn in so that control was immediate – a new approach was needed.

The changes we have made have created a sail which is crisper, lighter and more direct which enables the rider to perform moves easier whilst still maintaining that locked in feel.

The new Rock features high-tech PXB05 tight weave laminate for super-crisp performance, good durability and a light feel. Every sail is built using carefully selected materials in specific areas of the sail to offer superb durability while maintaining light weight. Extra reinforced clew and tack areas handle massive pounding’s from the surf and folded over seams in the foot hide all stitching to eliminate the possibility of any wear from abrasion.