The Bolt 6 Batten Freeride

In sizes 7.0m upwards we move to a more traditional lighter wind freeride set up, where the PXB05 is replaced by 6battenoverviewMonofilm in order to contain the cost without any loss of performance. The same panel layout is retained to make sure the same characteristics are shared throughout the range.

The outgoing T4 has just received an exceptional test in Windsurf magazine. The Bolt builds on lessons learned from the T4; now even better thanks to a cut-out clew allowing for shorter boom lengths, easier rigging and improved handling. The fastest rotational sail on the market, perfect for the master blasters who want to race their mates and speed round gybes without the hassle of cammed sails!

• Developed from the multi test winning T4
• Cut-out clew to reduce boom length
• 6 Batten
• Load Dispersion System
• Integrated tack pulley