Bolt 4-Batten Freemove

Smooth power delivery, lightweight feel and the perfect manoeuvre orientated free ride sailbolt 4battenoverview

The four batten configuration covers the sizes 4.0m up to 5.25m. It’s been designed to feel incredibly light in the hands for manoeuvre orientated sailing but retains a fantastic top end. With large amounts of PXB05 and other specific laminates used throughout, combined with the latest features such as our new Load Dispersion System it’s a very well constructed, durable sail. It’s built to last!
An awesome sail for the high wind freerider, bump and jump, intermediate wave rider or budding freestyle sailor. It really does allow you to do anything you can dream of! Features:
• Re-Designed adjustable head cap
• PXB05 throughout
• 4 Batten compact design
• Load Dispersion System
• Integrated tack pulley