Twin Cam Freerace

The Bolt’s largest three sizes feature two roller cams, to lock in the camber for maximum low end power combined 7battenoverviewwith high end stability. This will equate to faster speeds whilst still remaining light in the hands for a sail of this size. They are amazingly forgiving in choppy or gusty conditions and boast a huge tuning range which offers an accessible route into slalom or simply fun, efficient, high performance freeride sailing.

With this twin cam configuration, more so than any of the Bolt sizes, the rigging instructions in the window panel truly aid easy rigging as it quickly details the process so that accidental breaking of battens is avoided.

• Twin Cam
• Easy rigging – instructions on the window.
• Cut-out clew to reduce boom length
• 7 Batten
• Load Dispersion System
• Integrated tack pulley