We have a wide range of used gear in store. We try and keep this list up to date have but it changes rapidly during the windsurfing season so if you can’t see what your after give us a call as it might have come in since we updated it.

WAVE Tushingham Rock 2.7 New A$399
Ezzy Wave 4 A$125
Gaastra Manic 4 A A$120
Tushingham Rock 4 A+ NEW A$575
Goya 4.1 A$190
Neil Pryde Fly 4.2 A$200
RRD Gamma 4.2 A- A$430
RRD Comma 4.2 A$475
RRD Four 4.2 A- A$490
Severne Swat 4.2 A$250
Tushingham Rock 4.2 B- A$150
Sail Works Revolution 4.4 A$60
Ezzy Elite 4.5 A- A$330
Goya Guru 4.5 B- A$140
Neil Pryde Fly II 4.5 A$200
North Hero 4.5 A$90
Gamma 4.2 A$350
RRD Vogue 4.5 B+ A$290
RRD Vogue 4.5 B+ A$290
RRD Vogue 4.5 B+ A$350
RRD Move 5.2 A$420
RRD Vogue 4.5 NEW A$570
RRD Vogue 4.5 New A$580
Tushingham Rock 4.5 B+ A$199
HOT 4.7 B- A$199
RRD Move 4.7 B+ A$450
RRD Move 4.7 A+ A$470
Severne S1 4.7 B- A$199
Severne S1 4.7 A$225
Simmer Icon 4.7 B- A$190
Tushingham 4.7 A$295
Tushingham Rock 4.7 A- A$390
Gaastra Pilot 5 A$230
Neil Pryde Core 5 A$150
North Hero 5 B A$290
North Voodo 5 B- A$175
North Hero 5 A- A$420
RRD Vogue 5 B+ A$390
Severne Swat 5 B- A$190
Vandle Enemy 5 B- A$150
RRD Move 5.2 A A$470
RRD Move 5.2 A- A$590
RRD Move 5.2 A- 2016 A$590
Severne Swat 5.2 A$290
Severne Swat 5.2 B A$295
Severne Swat 5.2 A- A$325
Tushingham Rock 5.2 A$320
HOT 5.3 B+ A$150
Ka Chaos 5.3 C+ A$90
North Hero 5.3 A- 2016 A$420
RRD Vogue 5.3 B+ A$375
RRD Vogue 5.3 B+ A$420
Severne Blade 5.3 B+ A$190
Ezzy Panther 5.5 B+ A$325
Gaastra Cross 5.6 A- A$270
North Hero 5.6 A- A$440
RRD Vogue 5.6 New A$700
Gaastra Poison 5.8 B+ A$180
RRD Move 4.7 A$400
RRD Vogue LTD 5 A$395
RRD Vogue LTD 5 A$395
RRD Move 5.2 A$420
RRD Move 5.7 A$400
RRD Vogue 5 A$390
RRD Vogue 4.5 A$390
Severne Code Red 5.1 A- A$250
RRD Firewing 6.2 A- A$430
RRD Firewing 6.2 A- A$430
RRD Firewing 6.2 A- A$450
RRD Firewing 6.2 A A$460
RRD Firewing 6.2 A$670
Severne Overdrive 6.2 A A$590
Severne Code Red 6.7 A$220
RRD Firewing 7 B- A$300
Severne Reflex 3 7 A$350
Severne Reflex 3 7 A$350
Severne Reflex 3 7 A$390
Severne Reflex 4 7 A$450
Severne Reflex 4 7 A$490
RRD Firewing 7.8 A$620
Severne Reflex 4 8.6 B A$350
Severne Reflex 5 8.6 A$450
Severne Turbo 8.6 A A$680
North Ice 4.7 B+ A$290
North Natural 5 A$150
RRD Super Style 5.3 A- A$290
North Ice 5.7 D A$50
RRD Evolution 5.7 B+ A$400
Challenger Fuego 6.5 C+ A$150
Neil Pryde V6- mast 6.5 A$300
Severne Overdrive 6.7 A$300
Bic Techno Rig Mast and boom 7.8 A$250
Neil Pryde V8 9 A$140
Tushingham Lighting 9.4 B- A$50









New, but not

Nearly like new

Very good condition

Very good condition, with minor blemishes

Good condition

Good condition, not so pretty

Not bad

Getting long in the tooth, but sailable

Hey, I still work